Are You Sure Your Home Is in Good Condition?

Are You Sure Your Home Is in Good Condition?

Schedule a home inspection with Whiddon Construction of Lake City, FL

You’re thinking about buying a home in the Lake City, Florida area. You find a beautiful house for sale and quickly make an offer. However, once you’re settled into the new place, you realize that the HVAC system doesn’t work properly, and there is a leak in the ceiling. Your costly home investment is now even more expensive. Don’t let this happened to you! Before you sign a contract, call Whiddon Construction for a thorough home inspection.

Know before you buy or sell in Lake City, FL

Whether you're buying or selling a home, you want your property to be structurally solid and safe. To know for sure if your home is in good condition, you need a detailed home inspection. Our home inspection includes:
  • A thorough examination of the interior and exterior structure of the home to determine its condition.
  • An assessment of plumbing and electrical work and the HVAC system.
  • A comprehensive report of our findings, including pictures displaying any damage to your home.

Don't go on a real estate adventure without Whiddon Construction by your side. Call 386-754-7367 today to schedule a home inspection, or fill out the form below and return to our office to get an inspection scheduled.

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