Home Additions: Three Ideas to Increase Square Footage

HomeBlogHome Additions: Three Ideas to Increase Square Footage

Home additions are great if you want to get more out of the space in your home. Whether you want to add more living space for yourself and your family or more rooms to increase your home’s resale value, adding more space can instantly improve your home.

Home Additions: Three Ideas to Increase Square Footage

Here are some ideas for home additions that will increase your home’s square footage:

  1. Turn Your Porch into a Sunroom – Transforming your home’s front or back porch into a four-season sunroom will increase your square footage and raise your home’s value. Your new sunroom can be used as a dining room or an extra living room to make your home feel bigger.
  2. Build a Granny Suite – One of the best home additions is a granny suite. These additional living spaces can be used to rent out a room on your property or to house aging relatives who would benefit from having their own space. A granny suite is great for boosting your home’s appeal and square footage.
  3. Enhance the Laundry Room or Mud Room – Building a separate space for your laundry or creating a new mudroom is a great way to increase your home’s square footage. If your current laundry room is too small, lacks storage, or is unfinished, creating a new one can instantly improve your home’s resale value.

Are you interested in a home addition but don’t know where to start? Reach out to our team at Whiddon Construction Company. We’ll be happy to discuss some options and work with you to create the home of your dreams.