4 Signs You Need Siding Repair

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Your home’s siding serves many purposes, including protecting your house from the elements and adding to its aesthetic appeal. Over time, it can start to fade, deteriorate, or become damaged. It’s important to recognize the signs of damage so you know when you need siding repair.

4 Signs You Need Siding Repair

Here are some of the top signs your siding needs repair:

  1. Cracks or Gaps – Cracks or holes in your siding are usually more than a cosmetic issue. These cracks can allow water to enter, causing mold and mildew to grow underneath the surface. This kind of damage threatens the structural integrity of your house, and you need to schedule a siding repair right away.
  2. Increased Utility Costs – Drafts near windows, walls, and electrical sockets can indicate that your siding is damaged. If you notice your heating and cooling costs have increased, have your siding inspected immediately to see if that’s the cause.
  3. Warped Siding – While your siding may not have a crack or hole, it may look like it is bulging. If you see warping in your siding, this typically means there has been significant water damage.
  4. Water Damage in Your Home – Water damage inside your home, including discoloration, stains, or peeling paint, indicates that water has seeped into your walls. This damage could have come from your siding, so it’s important to have your home inspected and find the source of the leak.

Ignoring signs that your home’s siding needs repair can lead to more extensive damage and costly repairs down the line. Addressing these issues early with professional siding repair ensures your home’s exterior’s longevity and structural integrity. Give our team a call right away if you suspect there’s an issue with your siding.