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If our home improvement team is happy and our clients are happy, then we are happy!

At Whiddon Construction Company, we decided to enter the home improvement industry in 2005 to serve the Lake City, Florida area with honesty and integrity. We strive to give our customers reliable results they can count on. If you need anything done to your home, we can do it!

About Whiddon Construction Company in Lake City, Florida

Our owner always wanted to own his own business. With a passion for building and creating solutions, Roger set out to create the home improvement construction company you could trust for any project you have in mind. He earned a degree in structural engineering and worked as a system engineer for many years before relocating to Florida with the idea of finally fulfilling his dream. With the applicable degree in hand and a great deal of dedication, he earned his license in only a year and then got to work.

So, here we are nearly 20 years later, and we are still doing right by our clients and being ethical contractors who set the bar high in the home building and home improvement industry. Instead of striving to be the biggest company out there, we choose to keep a steady pace so that quality is never sacrificed. We have a great team of professionals working for us, and as long as we have enough work to keep them happy and every client is happy with us, we’re happy!